6th June – Catalysts to convert acetoin and alcohols into jet fuels

On June 6th at 16:00 CEST our guests were Patricia Pizarro, Full Professor in Chemical Engineering at Rey Juan Carlos University and Senior Associate Researcher at IMDEA Energy Institute, and Gabriel Morales, Full Professor in Chemical Engineering, Rey Juan Carlos University. During this webinar, they shared their insights on the development and design of catalysts, which can be used to convert platform molecules such as Acetoin and 2,3-Butanediol into jet fuel. While a previous webinar focussed on processes for the conversion of these platform molecules, this webinar focusses on different catalysts to enable such processes. By covering different applications of catalysts in general, this webinar will reach beyond the scope of the particular BIOCTANE process:

25th April – Biobased molecules from waste

In the BIOCTANE process, Eric Trably, Research Director at INRAE – Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory carries out a dark fermentation step of the organic waste used as feedstock. This biomass will be fermented by a mixed microbial consortium under slightly acidic conditions and in absence of external electron acceptor. This treatment step will result in a concentrated mixture of carboxylic acids (mostly propionic, butyric and acetic acids), while hydrogen and carbon dioxide will also be collected as gaseous co-products. During this webinar, Professor Trably presents the fundamentals and advantages of applying thesee process steps within the BIOCTANE process and how they can be successfully transferred to various other applications:

20th March – Biofilms on active substrata

During this webinar, Johannes Gescher presented the fundamentals and advantages of using microbial strains for the production of platform molecules and how their use can be successfully applied for various applications:

15th February – Conversion of acetoin and 2,3-butanediol

This Webinar highlighted the converion of acetoin and 2,3-BDO to jet fuels. Adriana Souza de Oliveira (IMDEA Energy) and Gabriel Morales (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos) presented their results and the next steps for their research:

December 19th – Process & Project

The first webinar provided an introduction of the overall BIOCTANE project and its process. Patricia Pizarro, Full Professor at Rey Juan Carlos University and Senior Associate Researcher at IMDEA Energy Institute, and Steffen Voß, Research Associate at Hamburg University of Technology presented the project’s goals and it’s objectives followed by a more specific examination of the “green” fuel production process of the BIOCTANE project. See for yourself: